Challenge Based Learning

Challenge Based Learning

For innovation leaders and mentors

Innoventure is an evidence-based leadership program aimed at the development of new leaders and new solutions for improvement and innovation. Through the collaboration with the Eindhoven Engine, Designforum and Liof, we bring in tomorrow’s world of technology, design thinking and lean start-up methods. Participants discover how their own strength can contribute more to the success of their own team or organization. They strengthen their leadership identity, finish complex projects, and become better mentors to (new) colleagues.

Innoventure: 2-day leadership training

Do you want to prepare for a new step in your career or be able to use your experience to the development of others? Are you looking for more than just a standard training? Do you want a learning environment that really moves you? Would you like to know how you can increase your problem solution process through design thinking? In this unique training environment, you will strengthen your leadership or mentorship skills. You will be taught both academic concepts and 'learning by doing', by experienced ‘thought-leaders’ and young startups who guide you in their working method, tools, and methodologies.

Innoventure for collective team development

Are more than one or two co-workers in the market for similar training? Perhaps you see a collective need in your company to strengthen innovation processes by integrating Design Thinking and Change Management? Are you working on the same project or on similar projects, for example for the same users or organization? Do you want to increase the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary collaboration? Then this unique training concept might just be the perfect fit for your entire team.