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Civil society organizations constantly see a wave of new developments coming their way, for example in the field of digitalization and the labor market, health, education, mobility, energy transition to name but a few. To facilitate continuous adaptation, improvement and innovation, new forward-thinking leaders are needed to play a vital role in finding and implementing innovative solutions. This Innovation Leadership course revolves around real life cases submitted by the participants of this course. Current leadership skills are developed by top leadership experts. Innovative power is developed by professional designers and startups who contribute to develop the cases into smart and feasible solutions. This program offers personal development and also has direct benefits for the organization where the participant works. We start twice a year and focus on a varied group of companies and professionals from (semi) government, NGOs and social institutions.

Innoventure for teams
Innovating as a team is more enjoyable and more successful
Are you and your team members working on the same or similar projects, for example for the same users or organization? Do you want to increase the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary collaboration? Innovating together is a challenge in itself. As soon as the issue has presented itself, many people start-up their internal 'idea machines'. Coming up with ideas does provide you with satisfaction and a positive feeling. Yet, this form of creative thinking often does not lead to innovation. In fact, it can even be counterproductive. 

Often the problem is poorly researched, solution criteria are not clear and the team works too isolated, which means that users and decision-makers are not involved enough in this process. An innovation team also must find a way to come to an agreement together, using different talents and monitoring progress in an uncertain process. Not surprising that many teams find themselves stranded because they have run out of resilience. The Innoventure for teams program aims to support a collaborative effort in achieving a common goal. We strive for a both learning result and an innovation result. We help ensure that a good idea does not remain unused in your organization. 

In addition, we also ensure that feasibility and innovation are well balanced. We prevent teams from rethinking an existing solution or from ending up with an overly complex scenario. A successful creation and change path affects the general motivation of those involved and it contributes to a meaningful satisfactory working environment.
Extra coaching optional
Extra individual coaching is available upon request

Cursus taal
English available (dependent on number of participants)
After completing this training:
  • you have designed a widely supported solution for your own case through the Design Thinking process;
  • you can independently repeat the taught methods to achieve from idea to concept implementation;
  • the personal leadership skills of each individual team member have grown;
  • the collaboration skills have improved, the team works in a result-oriented way, complementing individual talents and the organizational culture;
  • you have developed an entrepreneurial attitude with an eye for a strong value proposition;
  • you can assess new initiatives at work and easily make decisions on investment of time and money;
  • you can effectively present knowledge and ideas and transfer them to a wider audience;
  • you can use project management skills and change communication in a targeted manner.

The development of distributed leadership skills will have a major impact on both an individual and team performance. This is necessary to implement new initiatives, from problem definition, through solution to sustainable implementation.
If, after reading this information, you have any questions or need advice about participating, you can contact the program leader Mrs. Jos Hardeman. Via email: of by phone: 0031 (0) 6 41 05 11 86
Participators profiles
The Innoventure for teams program is suitable for a group of at least 4 professional that work on the same challenge or projects, and who are looking for more coherence, a shared methodology and opportunities to achieve a good result, stress-free. We also welcome participants who are looking to:
  • develop personal leadership skills to optimize the impact on team and talent development;
  • apply the Design Thinking method and implement it in the organization;
  • find an entrepreneurial attitude important.

The training is aimed at achieving learning and innovation goals. This program offers personal development which translates to immediate benefits for the organization where the participant works.

During an interview, which is part of the intake procedure, you will have an opportunity to discuss all development goals of the participants and any preparations for the submitted case.
If, after reading this information, you have any questions or need advice about participating, you can contact the program leader Mrs. Jos Hardeman. Via email: of by phone: 0031 (0) 6 41 05 11 86
This program takes place in a development process of four phases, with a training day in each phase, a period of four weeks.

Setup per phase:
  • Each phase starts with a training day in our office at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. During this day, the tools, skills and methodologies required in the relevant phase are highlighted, so that the team immediately can put them to use in practice. In addition to the main program trainer, a professional designer will join in during phases 2, 3 and 4 to contribute to the visualization of the process, as well as the ideation and prototyping of the innovation.
  • After each training day, the team receives a clear phase-assignment to facilitate the progress of the innovation process.
  • During each phase, an online meeting is scheduled to discuss progress and interim results with the trainer.
  • At the end of the program, the team has developed a well-designed solution, improved personal and leadership skills and drawn up an implementation plan. The process is then evaluated for a broader application in the team's organizational culture.
Based on the above setup, the costs are € 2,400 per phase. For this team program, the total fee comes to € 9,600 ex VAT. This amount includes all training materials, the use of the location and the catering on the training day.
The trainings take place at our office office at Klokgebouw, in the Strijp-S district the inspiring heart of creativity in Eindhoven.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of our company trainings.

Deze training is gebaseerd op maatwerk voor een of meer teams en de data worden in overleg bepaald. Neem graag contact op met Jos Hardeman via

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Personal data
Participant profiles
Are more than one or two co-workers in the market for similar training? This Innovation Leadership course is a program for professionals that are involved in creating an effective innovational and improvement environment.  This program is for participants with an academic work and thinking level or comparable work experience, and a (future) management position or project leader position. And are you looking to:
  • Develop your personal leadership skills?
  • Enhance your problem solving abilities?
  • Boost an idea from a concept phase to direct implementation? 
  • Achieve more with less effort?
  • Learn how to apply Design Thinking and Lean Innovation methods?
Post BA - Post MA
This training program is build on three pillars:
  • Leadership experts for current models and talent alignment to foster the power of collaboration.
  • Designers from Designforum (BA and MA trained) come to tangible solutions through Design thinking.
  • Lean project managers that apply clear and feasible phases.

If desired, this program can be expended with a track that leads to a certified post BA/ post MA certificate. For more information about this expansion, please contact program manager and trainer Mrs. Jos Hardeman.