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Talent development

Leadership & Mentoring
In a dynamic company you constantly see new developments and issues coming your way. This requires constant adaptation, creative thinking and a broad focus on innovation. Multidisciplinary collaboration is necessary to convert new process and product ideas into feasible solutions. Personal leadership is necessary to support (new) colleagues and to come to effective implementation strategies together.

Leadership, Mentoring & Design Thinking

All too often good ideas are left on the shelf, and new initiatives are not developed any further. Bottom-up innovation requires a solid infrastructure, solution process mindset and a lot of attention for implementation. The aim of the Innoventure training is to strengthen the organizational climate for improvement and innovation as well as to increase the quality of the innovation mentorship.
The core of the Innoventure training consists of the integration of Personal Leadership, Design Thinking and the Lean Startup Method. The program is led by a unique team of experienced leadership experts, who work together in this training with a start-up field lab consisting of designers from Designforum and influential Tech Startups from TU / e.

Innoventure revolves around real life cases submitted by the participants. These can be questions around innovation in a learning-centered organization, but also social developments, improving processes, products or services, new strategies, quality improvement, product or service design, strategy choices and so on.
Theory and practice are linked in a combination of master classes for in-depth knowledge and 'learning by doing'. Training days start at 9:30 am and last until 5:30 pm.
The program consists of three training days. An optional recap session is organized after ± 6 weeks to share experiences about the transfer of the training theory to your own work situation practices.

Participants receive a certificate ‘Innovation Leadership’. If desired, we can expand this program to an officially recognized post Bachelor program (Cpion certified)

Extra coaching optional
Extra individual coaching is available upon request

Course language
English available (dependent on number of participants)

After following this training:
  • You can apply leadership skills result-oriented, in a way that suits your personality, your mentor role and your organizational culture.
  • You can translate different interests into an extensive value proposition.
  • You are able to work more efficiently in multidisciplinary teams.
  • You can guide new colleagues and / or internal startups and promote the development of new ideas for improvement, from initiative to feasible concept.
  • You can apply the Design Thinking process, a problem-solving method that is increasingly used in learning-centered organizations.
  • You are able to apply the principles of coaching leadership to help others perform better, so that they achieve their goals.
  • You can adjust your leadership role and style, depending on what is needed to motivate others to participate and contribute.
  • You can present and transfer knowledge and ideas effectively.
Training advice
If, after reading this information, you have any questions or need advice about participating, you can contact the program leader Mrs. Jos Hardeman. Via email: j.hardeman@designforum.nl of by phone: 0031 (0) 6 41 05 11 86
Participant profiles
You are a professional who is constantly looking for opportunities to have a social impact and to be involved in creating a desired culture for innovation and improvement.

This program is for participants with an academic work and thinking level or comparable work experience, and a (future) management position or project leader position. We also welcome participants who:
  • Wish to improve leadership skills as part of career planning.
  • Wish to optimize their impact on team and talent development.
  • Wish to promote innovation and an entrepreneurial attitude in themselves and others.

During an interview, which is part of the intake procedure, you will have an opportunity to discuss your personal development goals.
Training advice
If, after reading this information, you have any questions or need advice about participating, you can contact the program leader Mrs. Jos Hardeman. Via email: j.hardeman@designforum.nl of by phone: 0031 (0) 6 41 05 11 86
The two-day Innoventure training total fee is € 1020, - excluding 21% VAT. The fee for the recap session is € 295, - excluding 21% VAT.
Prices include all training materials and registration and are based on a group of minimum 8 and maximum 16 participants.
Personal coaching is an extra option, please contact us for more information.
The training take place at our office office at Klokgebouw, in the Strijp-S district the inspiring heart of creativity in Eindhoven.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of our company trainings.
15 maart en 23 maart 2021

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Course dates
Personal data
Which participants will benefit from this training?
Innoventure is suitable for professionals who want to develop their leadership skills and are involved in creating an effective innovational and improvement climate. You have an academic work and thinking level or comparable work experience and a (future) management, team leader or project leader position. And you are looking to:
  • Develop your personal leadership skills.
  • Be a mentor to a (new) colleague.
  • Boost an idea from concept to implementation.
  • Learn from innovation strategies of start-ups.
  • To learn how to apply Design Thinking.
Shared skills and meaningful visualizations
In order to achieve improvement or innovation, the solution process and change skills must be combined. By integrating Personal Leadership, Design Thinking and the Lean Startup principles, you can learn how to increase the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary collaboration. Design Thinking has gained a broad and cross-sectoral terrain as a holistic, methodical, and constructive method to look at any question. Strong visualization and presentation skills can further enhance the results.