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Ricky Kloosterman

Ricky Kloosterman graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015. She has done here internship at BWM group in Munich and this year she started her own design company. She had an early interest in materials (human tactility), colors and shapes related to people. There are a number of subjects which have Ricky's interest and they are also characteristic for her work. One of these subjects is humanity and another one is future thinking. Reflected in the search for new production techniques and future scenario’s, always in relation to social issues, people and there emotions. Ricky is constantly asking questions to herself and her target group. She is always curious to find out more about social topics and commercial projects of clients she works with. Different target groups and cultures have her interest. She is passionated about innovative ideas, it means that she is open-minded and someone who is thinking out of the box.


Embrace 2.0

Door Ricky Kloosterman
Design Academy Eindhoven
Categorie├źn: Gezondheid

Embrace biedt je een veilige plek en zorgt voor minder prikkeling van buitenaf.